Achieve scalable growth without data security concerns
The emergence of BPO has transformed the way industries used to function across the globe. Enterprises today can focus on their core projects or areas of expertise, by outsourcing one (or more) parts of the business process to a third-party service provider. With the growing demands for BPO services, have come increasing challenges with respect to security, IT management, mobility, and hardware, which often hamper productivity. Accops can help BPOs achieve scalable growth with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that can deliver high quality, wire-speed voice and customer data securely to call centre executives working from anywhere. Accops securely delivers VoIP applications, whether running on a mobile phone or on a desktop PC, and uses a fast encryption method that reduces chances of latency and jitters in voice and guarantees a superlative performance. While voice traffic goes through a Layer-3 tunnel, this hybrid solution delivers business apps & data over a Layer-7 tunnel. With integrated features like strong MFA, DLP features, device ID check, and contextual access, Accops enables BPO firms to comply with compliance requirements, while keeping up with the growing business needs or seasonal spike in demand.
Hybrid solution
A single solution to provide secure encrypted access to contact centre apps as well as VoIP applications.
Wire-speed voice
Super-fast encryption method is used to deliver a superlative performance in terms of voice delivery, and mitigate the concerns of call drops or jitters.
Contextual access
Grant access to the right corporate assets for the authorized users in the right context, based on adaptive risk assessment.
Restrict users to one device
Use multiple parameters, like log-in time, device location, device fingerprint, etc., to bind the user to an authorized device.
Strong data security
Integrate MFA for an extra layer of security. Create a secure sandbox to block printing, desktop session recording, USB devices for ensuring strict compliance.
Detailed audit logs
User activity reports on who accessed what, when, where and how ensures detailed auditing and compliance.
Use Cases
  • Ensure business continuity
    Allow remote users to securely access CRM and contact center apps using personal devices from home to ensure seamless customer services.
  • Deliver voice in high quality over internet
    Provide high quality voice to remote call centre users through secure tunnel that works well even over low bandwidth networks.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory norms
    Use multiple parameters like log-in time, device location, device fingerprint, etc., to bind the user to a single authorized device. Also enable strict data leakage prevention.
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