Enable secure remote access without worrying about compliance
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is among the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks even in normal business environment. With a large percentage of users working from home, dealing with evolving risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory norms have become more difficult. Accops helps BFSI enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with a fully integrated end-to-end solution suite, comprising End User Computing (EUC) Virtualization solution, Application Access Gateway, and Identity & Access Management solution. Accops solution simplifies data management and ensures high availability of applications and desktops from a centralized location. Its contextual access, device entry control, and elaborate data leakage prevention features, along with integrated MFA, help enterprises maintain optimal data security all the time. User activity reports and logs enable detailed auditing and strict compliance with various regulatory guidelines. Moreover, Accops’ Zero Trust security architecture enables users to securely access applications and sensitive data from anywhere, using any device. Organizations achieve agility, improved productivity, and reduced IT cost, without losing control over their data, devices, users and networks.
Remote access
Enable users to work from anywhere by providing secure remote connections to their office PCs and internal applications or virtual applications & virtual desktops.
Zero trust-based access
Enable zero trust model-based remote access at application layer to ensure maximum network security.
Multi-factor authentication
Integrated strong authentication through multiple token options (SMS, Email, mobile app, pc software) or biometrics adds a strong layer of security.
Device entry control
Endpoint device scanning to allow access only from compliant and uncompromised devices.
Contextual access
Grant access to the right corporate assets for the right, authorized users in the right context.
Detailed audit logs
User activity reports on who accessed what, when, where and how ensures detailed auditing and compliance.
Productivity management
Monitor user productivity using login & logout time, as well as time spent on different activities and applications.
Empower BYOD users
Secure any business application and make it available for access from any personal laptops, desktops or smartphones.
Simple management
Complete remote manageability of devices, including installations, upgradations, OS patching etc., reducing burden on IT teams.
Use Cases
  • Improve security by consolidation
    Control every device, apps & OS in your network to prevent security breach, by virtualizing & delivering desktop apps from centralized datacenter.
  • Protect critical applications by isolation
    Run critical apps in an isolated environment, hiding them from users' devices and networks, preventing malware attacks and data leakage attempts.
  • Safe internet browsing
    Isolate internet from corporate networks via remote virtual browser, to enable a clean network and fend off cyber attacks.
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