Why remote graphics workstation?
Ease of access
Meet the demands of your mobile workforce by providing access to graphics-intense visuals, wherever & whenever they need.
Office-like performance
Extremely fast encryption and UDP based tunneling ensures high quality connections even in low bandwidth networks.
BYOD friendly
Provide flexibility to business users to work from their homes, using any device and any network to boost productivity and improve operational agility.
Strong security
Safeguard critical business apps, data and intellectual properties in a centralized location and prevent any kind of data leakage.
Accops enabled remote graphics workstations
Graphics-intense applications are becoming prevalent and important for many an organization. Software applications for engineering design, medical diagnostics, video-editing, graphic design, geospatial analysis, web development etc. are some graphic-intense applications that have become an essential part of many companies’ day-to-day business operations. Organizations by and large are skeptical about providing remote access to graphics workstations which need very high bandwidth and low latency networks for efficiency. Furthermore, organizations have to mitigate the risks of data security issues associated with unprotected remote access. Accops remote graphics workstation solution is capable of delivering graphics-rich interactive applications in a highly accurate and distortion-free form. Accops solution makes use of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for high-speed access delivery with minimum transmission losses. Also, to cater to different needs, Accops solution uses either Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Teradici PCoIP that is regarded as the best remote display protocol for graphics workstations or applications. Accops solution enables efficient scaling even through low bandwidth and high latency networks. With its strong device entry control, MFA, data leakage prevention features, Accops enables secure remote access from anywhere and anytime.
Dynamic network adaptation
Deliver the best possible user experience under dynamic network conditions using Accops access gateway’s adaptive encoders.
Accurate colours and details
Provide a precise remote reproduction of image colours as intended by graphics applications using PCoIP technology.
Distortion-free delivery
Enable lossless support for high-performance graphics applications using PCoIP protocol.
Data protection
Source data never leaves the host workstation, and always remains secure. The pixel streams leaving the host are encrypted in real-time with advanced security algorithms.
Data leakage prevention
USB ports, printing, copy-paste, print screen, screen recording can be blocked and internet access can be restricted to ensure strong endpoint data leakage prevention.
Detailed audit logs
Track access patterns with detailed reports on who accessed, what, when, where & how.
Use Cases
  • Enable remote access to graphics workstations
    Provide remote access to Graphics Workstations present in office or virtualize and deliver heavy graphics-rich apps seamlessly to end users anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure access for BYOD users
    Enable effective collaboration among creative teams, working in remote offices or homes with their own devices without data security concerns or the need for setting up workstations locally.
  • Ensure office-like productivity from home
    Efficient, lossless transmission of all pixels to remote devices ensures high color accuracy, image & text clarity, which enables users to be productive from anywhere.
Customer Stories
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